Authored Works


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Firm Highlights


Preti’s Sig Schutz Recognized as Member of NHPR’s Pulitzer-Finalist Team

Preti First Amendment attorney Sig Schutz has been recognized as “a core member of the [NHPR] team” involved in a podcast honored as a Pulitzer Prize finalist in the audio journalism category.  The podcast...


Schutz and Harriman Author Article for MLRC on Mill's Veto of Constitutionally Fraught Legislation

In an article for the Media Law Resource Center's July 2023 Media Law Letter,  Preti Flaherty attorneys Sig Schutz and Alex Harriman explore Gov. Janet Mills' recent veto of L.D. 1610, “An Act to Prohibit Campaign Spending...


Maine Becomes Seventh State to Enact Uniform Public Expression Protection Act (UPEPA)

Maine is now the latest state to enact the Uniform Public Expression Protection Act (UPEPA)—following New Jersey, Oregon (substantially similar), Utah, Hawaii, Kentucky, and Washington. UPEPA aims to provide a clear framework for the...


Maine Government Contracting and Procurement Update: Public Access Under FOAA to Trade Secrets in Proposals and Bid Documents

Those doing business with state, county, and local government in Maine need to know their way around public records laws. What is the risk that sensitive or proprietary business information submitted in response to...


10 Preti Attorneys, 6 Practice Groups Honored in National Rankings

Ten Preti Flaherty attorneys and six practice groups have been selected by Chambers USA for inclusion in their premiere annual list of America’s leading lawyers. Preti is recognized for excellence in the practice areas...