As the world increasingly relies on digital data and the movement of and communication through such data, entities of all types are increasingly at risk.

Everyday tasks conducted by every business and nonprofit institution—record retention, handling of private information, e-discovery, customer identification and authentication involve digital data which, if mishandled, potentially expose these institutions to litigation, additional regulatory compliance, and disruption of business functions. Whether the entities are large or small, municipal or other governmental units, hospitals, educational institutions, businesses, nonprofits or professional entities, all face complex legal and business issues inherent in data security and privacy breaches.

We help clients protect themselves from the exposure inherent in these issues by anticipating the types of privacy and data security risks they may run. We help them design and implement programs and policies that comply with relevant requirements of state and federal law, concerning customer data, employee and client privacy, and other pivotal operations. Working with their IT department or a forensic consultant, we explore with them how to protect their businesses, their clients, and their employees. We also work to evaluate possible insurance for these risks. In addition, legislative groups both advise on and monitor potential legislation in these areas.

Cyber Incident Response
When a cyber-liability or data breach event takes place, our practice group members work to minimize the potential loss. The key to doing so is a rapid assessment of the cause and scope of the problem, and then determining whom to notify about the issue. Notification involves both those whose information has been breached, and the relevant governmental and regulatory agencies. We help structure and negotiate the notification, in an effort to avoid harmful consequences later. We then help deal with the civil and regulatory fallout from the event.

Our Data Security & Privacy Resources
The Preti team has resources and experience in building a multidisciplinary approach to these issues. Whether the concern arises in the area of medical services, banking, energy, retail, higher education, or software, our attorneys can help you see your way through the problem.