Preti Flaherty is highly respected for its Government Affairs practice. Combining traditional legal advocacy with solid and respectful working relationships in both the executive and legislative branches, we are able to take a multi-pronged approach to solving our clients' problems and advancing their interests.

If a matter requires interpretation and application of existing law in a formal administrative proceeding, we press our points in that context. If an informal negotiation is called for, we understand the structure of government well and can identify the correct offices to involve and the arguments and information that will achieve results. Should the current regulatory scheme pose too many obstacles, we are prepared to work effectively to change the law to address the issue at hand, through the efforts of the largest and most seasoned team of lobbyists in our State. These varied skills, in addition to our working relationships with State and national political leaders and regulatory decision makers, serve as the foundation of our Governmental Services, Contracting and Administrative Law work.

The following work highlights illustrate typical experiences in our representation of clients who specifically seek our help in the process of competing for government contracts.