The Preti Flaherty product liability litigation team has a distinguished track record representing a wide range of industries in complex product liability claims involving catastrophic injury in state and federal courts.  Our attorneys bring a wealth of experience and energy in representing companies facing product liability litigation.  We know that success requires comfort with scientific and technical subject matter, and clear explanation of complex subjects in court.

The firm has extensive experience investigating, managing, defending, resolving and litigating product liability claims.  We work in partnership with our clients to critically evaluate each claim and develop a strategically sound and effective litigation management and trial strategy.  Preti Flaherty’s attorneys pride themselves on providing well-thought-out advice in a manner that is timely, efficient and reflects our clients’ immediate and long-term business goals. 

Our team thinks differently – through all phases of litigation – to achieve outcomes that align with our clients’ objectives.  We have successfully met client goals in products cases involving:

  • all-terrain vehicles
  • automotive parts and accessories 
  • industrial machinery
  • forestry equipment
  • construction equipment 
  • recreational sporting gear
  • medical and surgical devices
  • explosive devices and fireworks 

Among other engagements, Preti Flaherty serves as the longstanding go-to firm for claims against a major recreational vehicle manufacturer.  

Helping clients avoid costly and uncertain litigation is an important element of our representation. In addition to our courtroom capabilities, we counsel clients on product liability exposure and risk management and prevention. We also provide a practical and creative approach to assisting clients in developing effective alternative dispute resolution strategies including mediation and arbitration.