October 29, 2021 Article

Legislative Update: First Legislative Council Vote on Legislative Requests

On Monday, October 25th , the Legislative Council met to vote on which of the 330 legislative requests (LRs), submitted by legislators, would be allowed to move forward and be considered in the upcoming Second Regular Session of the 130th Legislature. Attached is the list of the LRs which have been accepted as of Monday. With a handful of bills being withdrawn by the legislators who submitted them, and three LRs being tabled, just over 100 LRs were approved to be drafted by the Office of the Revisor of Statutes. This link contains the roll call for each request. Bills submitted by State Agencies are automatically allowed to proceed.

Any legislator who wishes to appeal the decision to reject her/his bill or bills may do so by 4 pm, Monday, November 1st.  The Legislative Council will hear all appeals on Thursday, November 18th, at 1:30 pm. Unlike the meeting on the 25th, the legislative sponsors will be allowed to address the Legislative Council on November 18th.

The Preti team was able to successfully secure bipartisan support for all but two LRs submitted on behalf of our clients. We will be appealing these and having further conversations with legislative leadership before the November meeting.

The Preti team was also able to assure several bills did not receive the support of the Legislative Council. We will provide a list of appealed LRs as soon as it is available next week.  Please let us know at that time if there are any LRs you would like us to lobby against.

Another update will be provided after the November 18th meeting, but we look forward to having conversations with you regarding the next steps in supporting the legislation submitted on your behalf, and/or conversations about the legislative proposals that may remain a concern. Language will not be publicly available on any of these proposals for several days, if not weeks, in some cases. We will continue to alert you to any bills that we believe may be of interest or concern to you.

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