Preti Flaherty's Cannabis Business Group has long been at the forefront of New England’s rapidly growing cannabis industries, representing marijuana and hemp clients in Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.

The legal framework surrounding cannabis is highly complex, with often-conflicting laws and regulations at the federal, state, and local levels. Our attorneys have helped clients navigate this complex legal environment for years, providing the trusted guidance needed to finance, initiate, produce, distribute, and sell marijuana and hemp products, as well as locating facilities and working with property owners and local governments and communities.

Preti Flaherty offers comprehensive, trend-setting counsel in virtually all aspects of the industry, from medical to adult-use marijuana; from industrial hemp to nutritional supplements and cannabinoids; and from cultivation to manufacture to retail sales of both medical and recreational marijuana. Our Government Affairs professionals have been deeply involved in the efforts to legalize and regulate various forms of cannabis, serving on Maine's Marijuana Advisory Commission and advising other government and non-governmental organizations. We are skilled at providing a full-range of legal, government relations, and public relations services to marijuana and hemp-related operations, including:

  • Licensing, permitting, certification, and, if necessary, appeals
  • Creating, investigating, and understanding local zoning codes
  • Business startup, franchise, and corporate entity formation and services
  • Negotiating with real estate, financial, or other service providers
  • Dispute resolution and litigation complicated by the many intricacies of the hemp and marijuana business
  • Intellectual property, employment, and all business-related legal services
  • Energy and environmental compliance
  • Advising municipalities
  • Lobbying and counsel on the current and future legislative and regulatory environment at the state and municipal level

With a cross-disciplinary approach, extensive knowledgebase, and cutting-edge strategies, few firms can match our ability to help clients overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and establish a foundation in the dynamic cannabis industry.