Raising the Bar

Bodie has been recognized by The Best Lawyers in America as "One to Watch" in 2020, a designation given to attorneys who, early in their careers, show outstanding professional excellence. Recognition for this honor is completely based upon peer review. We sat down with Bodie to discuss how her practice has evolved since she began her career and what she thinks makes a good attorney.

Q: How has your practice evolved from when you started out?

A: When I started the type of client I worked with was limited.  Now I represent a variety of clients, including chapter 7 trustees, banks, businesses who are creditors, businesses purchasing assets from bankruptcy estates, and businesses in financial distress.  Over the last couple years, I have worked with health-care businesses in out-of-court workouts and liquidations.  Working with those companies has been extremely rewarding. 

Q: What skills, talents, or methods do you think help you excel in this field?

A: Being able to see the forest for the trees.  In creditors’ rights and bankruptcy, there are often limited resources and parties are attempting to maximize their recovery from those resources.  Being able to step back and look at a situation from multiple angles helps to prevent going down a path that may be attractive, but will not benefit the client in the long run. 

Q: Where are you most active or visible within your practice area? Is there a specific niche you’re known for? 

A: I’m most visible when I am at hearings.  In court, I am usually representing a chapter 7 trustee, or a creditor.  I handle all types of cases under the Creditors’ Rights and Bankruptcy umbrella. 

Q: How would your clients describe you?

A: Practical, warm.  With a keen attention to detail. 

Q: What do you like best about your practice area?

A: Creditors’ rights and bankruptcy touches on many other areas of law.  One day I could be working on litigation on behalf of a Chapter 7 Trustee based on a landlord-tenant claim; the next day I could be representing a buyer in an asset sale of a company.  I enjoy having a special area of focus but the variety keeps me always learning. 

Q: How do you start your day? 

A: I am usually woken up by my toddler.  He starts his day by talking to our cat at around 5:30 am, so I start my day listening to him talking to the cat. 

Q: When you’re able to sneak in a break during the day, where could you be found?

A: My backyard.  We recently moved into a house built in the late 1800s and the backyard garden is my favorite part.  There are beautiful old fruit trees, flowering shrubs, and perennials.

Q: When it comes to reviewing your own peers, what criteria are important? What makes an attorney stand out?

A: When I recommend an attorney, that attorney should be able to take a complicated legal process and make it accessible.  That’s a skill that benefits an attorney in all aspects of practice – from meeting with a client to writing a brief and arguing in front of a judge.  If an attorney can take a concept and make it easy to understand, they stand out. 

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