Preti Flaherty's International Law group crosses national borders with extensive knowledge of international politics, business and law. Our group has been at the forefront of many significant matters worldwide, with internationally-respected attorneys at the helm.

Harold C. Pachios, Chairman of the United States Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy, and Severin M. Beliveau, Honorary Consul of France for Maine and President of the Forum Francophone des Affaires, lead the international law group. Jonathan Piper, former Chair of the Litigation Group, has enjoyed considerable success in conducting international arbitration or litigation for clients from Ireland, Chile and England. Gregory P. Hansel has over two decades of experience representing domestic and overseas business clients in global litigation, with an emphasis on antitrust and competition law, international arbitration, securities and international trade. Simon Leeming is a native of New Zealand and serves as New Zealand's Honorary Consul to the six New England states. Susan LoGiudice has assisted clients with respect to international mergers and acquisitions (inbound and outbound), outsourcing of product manufacture from China and other countries, international distribution and sales rep agreements, overseas sales of product of U.S. manufacturers (including overseas installations) and international purchasing. She has also advised international clients seeking to establish a U.S. affiliate to provide domestic professional services. Timothy Bryant has assisted clients with projects in Russia, Argentina and Dubai. Attorney Thomas P. Pinansky practices with Preti Flaherty of counsel, and is the senior foreign attorney with the law firm Barun Law in Seoul, Korea.

We are active members of Terralex, a global network of independent law firms with members in more than 100 countries, which further enables us to serve our clients' international interests by tapping into a pool of experienced and respected attorneys around the world.

We represent both foreign clients with business in the U.S., as well as domestic clients with business in countries spanning the globe.

Out International Law attorneys have counseled on legal issues involving:

  • a client in the Far East applying for U.S. Trademark registration;
  • U.S. purchasers seeking appropriate contracts to buy Costa Rican coffee beans or fish from Iceland;
  • agreements with companies in Finland to bring sophisticated welding technology to the U.S.; and
  • deregulation of the United States energy industry, opening markets up to national and international competition.

Our attorneys bring the skill and resources from various practices – business, tax, energy, intellectual property, litigation and legislation – together to advise clients on:

  • cross-border commercial transactions
  • energy projects
  • strategic alliances
  • joint ventures
  • franchising
  • litigation
  • import and export issues
  • prosecution, management and enforcement of intellectual property rights
  • development of new markets for products, or new business partnerships

Our International Law Practice has been recognized by Northeast Export Magazine as one of the largest in New England.