Representative Matters

  • Pleasant River Lumber - Preti Flaherty serves as General Counsel to a number of paper and saw mills, including Pleasant River Lumber Company. At a time when other spruce fir dimensional saw mills were closing, our client was expanding and thriving. When Pleasant River decided to acquire the assets of Cold Stream Lumber, we helped it complete the acquisition in under a month, including environmental due diligence, transferring permits, real estate, machinery and equipment, and all aspects of financing the purchase.
  • Attorney Mike Lane was solely responsible for all aspects of the real estate, title and zoning matters when Preti Flaherty represented the buyer in the purchase of the former Georgia-Pacific pulp and paper mill in Old Town, Maine. Mike handled all aspects of the due diligence, acquisition, and subsequent disposition of three chip mills associated with the Old Town mill located in Milo, Milford and Houlton. The matter involved DEP, LURC and local permit transfers and approvals, along with completion of the DEP VRAP program.
  • Preti helped a dimensional lumber mill develop a highly-efficient biomass-fueled cogeneration plant, cutting the mill's electricity costs.  The mill, which produces 85 million board feet of lumber annually, had previously invested in a wood-waste powered biomass boiler to provide steam for kilns and space heating.  The Preti team helped the mill develop a $1.3 million steam turbine generator capable of supplying the mill's electricity needs.  We combined a $450,000 grant from Efficiency Maine with other financing support for the project. The new steam turbine generator now saves the mill about $300,000 per year in electricity costs and reduces its carbon dioxide emissions by about 2,000 tons per year, all without increasing its fuel consumption.