Preti Flaherty’s intellectual property attorneys understand the importance of client’s internally-held information. Our team has helped companies and institutions of all sizes put in place effective policies and programs to secure confidential information within their entity. Sensitive, internal information is just as important an asset as the inventions, trademarks and creative works our Intellectual Property Group has protected for decades.

Legal Strategies for Information Security
Any organization can benefit from a review of its procedures surrounding its management of confidential information. Our attorneys work with clients to fully understand the storage and workflow of critical data and knowledge before developing a comprehensive plan to mitigate the risk of loss. As strategic advisors, we will offer counsel that balances the sometimes competing desires of operational efficiency and information security.

In-House Security Procedures for Confidential Information
Our team regularly assists clients by analyzing and critiquing the design of their information control processes, which may include anything from the locations or mechanisms of information storage, the way in which information is being transmitted and the personnel who are granted access to information. We can identify critical gaps in this process and recommended changes to company policies to address these problems. Our extensive experience in this field gives us a wealth of security strategies to offer, and our technical knowledge gives us a uniquely informed perspective on these issues.

Crafting Non-Disclosure Agreements
Our attorneys will help craft effective Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) to prevent all external parties who have access to sensitive information from sharing what they have learned from your organization. We construct agreements that are tailored to fit particular situations, including both unilateral and reciprocal NDAs. Additionally, we make sure to develop NDAs for the whole range of parties who may have access to information including customers, vendors and collaborators.

Managing Employee Information
Our Intellectual Property Group works with all-types of entities, particularly those regularly creating intellectual property, to develop employment policies, agreements and practices that address the full range of personnel-related security risks. For innovative companies and institutions, we offer trainings on IP legal issues and develop invention disclosure and assignment processes and forms. We also assist with implementing well-constructed confidentiality and non-compete agreements, including more restrictive controls for key employees.