Stormwater management is critical to protecting and preserving our rivers, lakes and streams. Preti Flaherty's Stormwater Team remains at the forefront of evolving stormwater pollution issues, advising municipalities and other members of the regulated community. We provide innovative counsel to businesses, associations and local governments in resolving complex disputes involving regulation of waste water treatment, municipal stormwater regulation and water quality policy.

Our deep understanding of statutory, regulatory, and compliance issues allows the Preti Flaherty Stormwater Team to advise clients on pollution, flooding and erosion concerns caused by stormwater runoff. Whether our clients are developers, property owners, or municipalities, our attorneys provide cutting-edge solutions for permitting and compliance programs, defend against EPA and state enforcement actions, undertake legislative and regulatory initiatives as needed, and keep clients informed of the ever-changing water quality mandates imposed under the Clean Water Act.

Compliance and Permitting

Preti Flaherty helps clients to navigate the increasingly stringent and complex requirements for evaluating and mitigating the effects of stormwater runoff. We advocate for key stakeholders potentially impacted by ever-changing stormwater regulations and permits. We have deep knowledge of:

  • Chapter 500 stormwater management standards
  • The Maine Multi-Sector General Permit for Industrial Stormwater Discharges
  • The Maine Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) General Permit
  • The Long Creek Watershed General Permit (the first Clean Water Act permit in the nation to regulate stormwater discharges from existing impervious surfaces)
  • TMDLs for impaired streams, including the Impervious Cover TMDL

Environmental Counsel

Preti Flaherty provides lead environmental counsel on a wide variety of technical, regulatory, compliance, due diligence, and permitting issues. The extensive range of clients we represent on stormwater-related transactions includes corporate and banking clients, industrial and municipal clients, developers and community associations. Throughout the purchase, development, or transfer of property, we help our clients meet all environmental requirements, including water, wetland, and stormwater permitting standards necessary to protect our natural resources while helping to ensure our clients’ success.