Representative Matters

  • Development of Broadcast Towers - Preti Flaherty represented the developer of two 1,000+-foot broadcast towers in Florida, including all aspects of real estate acquisition, construction, electronics procurement and long-term leasing and also handled negotiation and documentation of the subsequent disposition of the properties.
  • Leasing Experience - Preti Flaherty has handled office leasing, facility leasing and construction contracting for major defense contractors in Maine, Connecticut, the District of Columbia and Alabama.
  • Franklin Memorial Hospital - Preti Flaherty worked with Franklin Memorial Hospital to secure needed approvals to permit transfer of $16 million in investment funds from the hospital to its parent, the Franklin Community Health Network, a national award winner for its community health programs.   Approvals were secured from the Maine Attorney General and a Franklin County Superior Court Justice. This change will provide the Hospital and its parent with greater flexibility to fulfill community needs.
  • Harper's Development / SCI Sanmina Building - Preti Flaherty represented Harper's Development in the acquisition of, and debt and equity financing, for the SCI Sanmina building in Augusta, one of the largest manufacturing buildings in central Maine. The transaction effectively transforms a defunct manufacturing facility into an office park that will house a 300-employee call center and numerous government offices.
  • Hotel and Residential Condominium Project - Preti Flaherty represented a developer in a combined hotel and residential condominium project. We handled the purchase and sale agreement for the acquisition of the property, as well as a conditional rezoning. We represented the client before the city planning board and city council and secured a site plan and subdivision approval. We also assisted the client with a Voluntary Response Action Plan (VRAP), protecting the client from any future environmental liability claims.
  • Katahdin Forest Management, LLC - We represented Brascan Corporation's affiliate, Katahdin Forest Management LLC, as borrower in one of the first transactions in the country to use the New Market Tax Credit – a financing program designed to stimulate economic growth in targeted lower-income communities. Our attorneys assisted Katahdin's finance and woodland management officials in negotiating the legal documents that were integral to refinancing a mortgage on Katahdin's timberlands held by the Nature Conservancy and achieving favorable mortgage rates through the credit mechanism. Preti Flaherty also worked with Katahdin's woodland management officials in renegotiating a related conservation easement with the Nature Conservancy. The arrangement successfully married the interests of business, community and conservation.
  • New Page - Our Real Estate Group represented New Page, the owner in the sale of the hydroelectric assets of the Rumford Falls Power Co. in Rumford, Maine, an affiliate of Brookfield, formerly known as Brascan, at a purchase price in excess of $100 million. The electrical generating facility and adjacent paper mill had been operated as an integrated operation, requiring intricate real estate structuring, including shared water rights and cross-easements. The matter also involved complex contractual arrangements for the sharing of key infrastructure components during a post-sale transition period.
  • First Park - To attract businesses to central Maine, we coordinated 24 municipalities who joined together to build a state-of-the-art office park. FirstPark, Northern New England's first "Smart Park," is a technologically exceptional facility and a growing hub for business operations. From acquisitions and protective covenants to easements and land use issues, we coordinated and finalized the 285-acre deal.
  • Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Work - By utilizing low-income housing tax credits, we have successfully completed projects for clients such as Leach Home Partners Ltd., CHOM Housing Ltd. Partnership, 7 Coliseum Avenue Association, L.P., Portsmouth Senior Housing Association, and many more.