Robert Indiana's Estate Says Artist's Caretaker Neglected Him

New York Times
August 15, 2019

The executor of Robert Indiana's estate has come forward in court papers to argue that Mr. Indiana, the famed artist who created the iconic "LOVE" and "HOPE" renderings, had been poorly cared for by his caretaker, Jamie L. Thomas. The court filing asserts that Mr. Thomas "improperly lined his pockets" with $1.1 million from the artist and took more than 100 works of art by claiming they were gifts. It also maintains that Mr. Thomas breached his obligations by allowing the artist to live in "squalor and filth." This filing is a response to a case filed by Mr. Thomas in July, in which he sued the estate for millions of dollars for legal fees he incurred fighting a separate lawsuit in New York by Morgan Art Foundation, a former business partner of Mr. Indiana. James L. Brannan, the executor of the Indiana estate who filed the counterclaim, is represented by Preti Flaherty attorney Sigmund D. Schutz.

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