Authorities Refuse to Release Records for Maine School Shooter Hoax Calls

Kennebec Journal
March 4, 2023

On November 15, 2022, multiple law enforcement agencies in Maine received false calls alerting police to active shooter situations at several high schools throughout the state. In the wake of this widespread hoax, the Kennebec Journal requested records related to the incidents from public safety officials. Nearly four months later, officials still refuse to provide transcripts of the hoax calls. The refusal to release records of an event that caused thousands of fearful students and teachers sheltered in classrooms and needlessly worry for their lives has reignited concerns of First Amendment advocates regarding lack of transparency associated with police investigations in Maine.

An Excerpt

While the Kennebec Journal’s records requests were pending, several local police departments did shed light on the details of what happened that day. The newspaper’s attorney, Sig Schutz, said this makes it particularly difficult to understand how the release of the transcripts could cause harm or foil the investigation severely enough to justify concealment of the records.