October 1, 2015

Greg Hansel Appointed as Vice Chair of ABA Antitrust Law Global Private Litigation Committee

Greg Hansel has been appointed as a Vice Chair of the Global Private Litigation Committee of the American Bar Association’s (ABA) Section of Antitrust Law.

Hansel is a partner and chair of Preti Flaherty’s Antitrust & Competition practice group, which has extensive experience litigating antitrust class actions throughout the United States. He is recognized nationally as a trial lawyer in complex business litigation and maintains a national and international litigation practice. In Maine, Hansel has won victories for defendants and plaintiffs in some of the state's largest cases. Hansel has also been appointed as one of the interim lead counsel for direct purchasers in the Automotive Parts Antitrust Litigation, a series of civil cases with more than $52 million in partial settlements to date, stemming from the largest Department of Justice criminal antitrust investigation in U.S. history.

Many industrialized countries throughout the world are adopting laws, similar to the Sherman Antitrust Act in the U.S., to protect free and open competition in markets, and to prevent price fixing and monopolization. In addition to government enforcement, the European Union and many countries worldwide are increasingly allowing private parties to recover damages caused by illegal price fixing cartels. The ABA’s Antitrust Law Global Private Litigation Committee focuses on private antitrust enforcement around the world. As a vice chair, Hansel will help the committee track and highlight current and influential efforts in private antitrust enforcement outside of the United States and compare those activities to civil litigation in the United States.