October 14, 2020 Article

Maine Workers' Comp Alert: Updates from the WCB October Monthly Business Meeting

Maine Workers' Comp Alert

The Maine Workers’ Compensation Board met remotely on October 13, 2020, for its monthly business meeting. Following are some developments with respect to reappointments, the appointment of a Section 312 examiner, and claims related to COVID-19.

Reappointment of Hearing Officer Richard Dunn

Hearing Officer Richard Dunn was reappointed for a seven-year term. Hearing Officer Dunn hears cases in formal hearings from the Portland Regional Office and primarily presides over issues pertaining to penalties and vocational rehabilitation.

Appointment of a New Section 312 Examiner

The Section 312 application of Dr. Geoffrey M. McCullen, an orthopedist, was approved. He will be available for IMEs in Augusta and possibly other locations.

COVID-19–Related Claims

Executive Director John Rohde reviewed COVID-coded claim numbers as of Oct. 2, 2020. The total First Reports of Injury coded as COVID claims are 1,254. The breakdown is:

Lost Time: 1,088

Med Only: 42

Report Only: 124

Total: 1,254

Most claims (approximately 50%) come from the healthcare field, with nurses and direct support professionals accounting for the majority of cases.