Representative Matters

  • Pulp and Paper Mill, Maine. After a Maine pulp and paper mill became embroiled in a long term investigation of discharges of chlorinated solvents (TCE and TCA) to groundwater and an adjacent river, Preti Flaherty (on behalf of the former owner of the mill) steered the discussion towards a technical impracticability determination and ultimately resolved the matter by coordinating a cooperative assessment and settlement of all NRD claims with state natural resource trustees. 
  • Oil Terminal Site, Maine. Preti Flaherty provides counsel to the former owner of a marine petroleum terminal in negotiations concerning alleged natural resource damages associated with potential historic releases of petroleum. We are advisors on the NRD assessment and damages evolution process. 
  • Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. When the U.S. Department of Interior faced charges for harm to the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, one of our attorneys served as co-counsel to the Department in a civil action to recover natural resource damages. The case was settled the day before trial for the largest natural resource damages recovery under the Park Services Resource Protection Act (United States v. Water Supply and Storage Company).