Patent, Trademark or Copyright? IP for Startups: Preti Flaherty Hosts Lightning Workshop during Maine Startup & Create Week

Maine College of Art

522 Congress Street
Portland, Maine

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Preti Flaherty Hosts Lightning Workshop During Maine Startup & Create Week

Patent, Trademark or Copyright? IP for Startups
Your passion, brainpower, expertise, business plan, and intellectual property – all equally important and critical to the success of your startup.  Patents protect your inventions. Copyrights protect your creative work. And trademarks protect your name and branding.  This workshop will help attendees demystify the world of intellectual property law and startups will learn strategies from Maine Technology Institute on how to secure funding to pursue IP protection activities.

Attend our workshop and learn: 

  • How to use a patent to protect your innovation
  • How to use trademarks and copyrights to protect your brand, logos and digital media
  • How, when and why to use funding to protect your IP
  • How to effectively use your IP as a business tool
  • Introduction to a variety of IP contracts and agreements
  • Ask presenters questions specific to your business

Date & Time:  Wednesday, June 21 - 10:45-12:00 PM at MECA

AND, don't miss Tuesday's Mixpo on Capital & Resource Providers to Scale for High Growth, featuring a variety of resources you can learn about to scale your company. Attend and meet with individuals and organizations that can shed light on investment capital, debt capital, grants and government contracts. The incubators and accelerator programs, as well as Angel Investors, Equity Investors and Venture Capitalists will be in attendance too. 

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