"Connecting Competencies to Business Strategy" - HRGC Breakfast Sponsored by Preti Flaherty

June 18, 2015 at 7:45am9:45am
Society for the Protection of NH Forests, 54 Portsmouth St, Concord, NH

Preti Flaherty is sponsoring the Human Resources of Association of Greater Concord breakfast, "Connecting Competencies to Business Strategy".

Speaker: Dr. Steven R. Painchaud, SPHR – Professor of Organizational Leadership at Southern New Hampshire University and former Associate Dean of the Graduate School of Business.

The war on talent is competitive, intense, and integral to the success of any organization. HR professionals, as contributing partners, need to take the lead in workforce planning, forecasting, and development. The trend of pipeline interviewing and hiring for potential exemplifies the adoption of a more strategic approach. HR needs to be able to interpret and assess the relationship between the stated competencies and values to the potential of the candidate beyond candidate’s current skill set. This presentation explores the import of aligning core competencies to talent management, in particular, recruitment, selection, and retention. Additionally, it will help provide an understanding of the cascading effect of organization strategy to talent management and hiring practices related to competencies and potential. It will stimulate discuss of how participant’s organizations currently assess for competencies, values, and potential and what considerations should be in place to ensure proper execution.

Firm Highlights


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