Representative Matters

  • American Guaranty & Liability Ins. Co. v. Timothy S. Keiter, PA - 360 F. 3d 13 (1st Cir. 2004) Affirming trial court's finding that insurance company owed its insured a duty to defend claim.
  • Cordjia - HCI Systems, LLC (HCI) was already a leader in sustainable green facilities governance solutions when Cordjia, a Delware- and Maine-based private equity firm, saw a solid business that could grow into something even better. Cordjia acquired a majority interest in HCI, infused new capital into the venture, and rebranded the company as 4tell Solutions, LLC (4tell TM). We conducted the due diligence, facilitated the capital infusion, and reviewed and verified 4tell's intellectual property ownership regarding the company's proprietary technology platform, iPlan TM. We closed the transaction in four months. 4tell is now off and running, entering new global markets and delivering solutions that optimize the performance of the built environment for governments, institutions and corporations throughout the world.
  • Speare Memorial Hospital - Overcrowded and in need of expansion, Speare Memorial Hospital hoped to build a new 30,000-square-foot facility to provide ancillary services that would take the pressure off the main hospital. We were asked to help put together an innovative financing arrangement that included recently-created new market tax credits. Our tasks included representing the hospital on the financing, setting up a new nonprofit entity, assisting with the land purchase, coordinating with the parties to construction, and working with the five other law firms involved, all under a tight deadline - the tax credit allocation needed to be complete by year's end. The new facility will open in 2009.