Thinking Differently

Preti Flaherty is built on the idea that clients need their attorneys to be entrepreneurs - strategic thinkers who understand clients' business goals and help define their vision of the future. We’ve come together as a group of attorneys who go beyond the practice of law to embrace opportunities to pursue innovation with our clients.

Our firm counsels clients across all the major fields of law. In intellectual property, energy, health, government affairs, environmental - and many more areas - we've built out extraordinarily talented teams to help clients pursue their best opportunities with a creative approach.

Why do we do this? We enjoy it. We thrive on helping our clients with the challenges they bring to us. As lawyers and as a firm, that’s the passion that fuels our work and shapes the counsel we provide.

- John M. Sullivan, Managing Partner

If our clients are bumping up against an unreasonable or outdated law, we don’t get caught up in hopeless regulation - we go to the legislature and get the law changed.

When other law firms are finding themselves bound up in restrictive precedents, our litigators go to the court with trend-setting new arguments that creatively reset the course of a case.

And instead of burying clients in reams of unnecessary corporate documents and excruciating details, our business lawyers put together an efficient plan to achieve the client's precise goals with minimum risk and cost.

We've also created a bigger toolbox of services, including public affairs, grass roots lobbying, media relations, and strategic communications to help our clients succeed. We pair these tools with our legal strategy in new and novel ways as part of a broader campaign to achieve our clients' goals.

Nostalgia's supposed to make me say: 'We had no idea how much we would accomplish - how big we would grow.' But that's just not true. We had big aspirations, important goals, and we are now exactly the firm we wanted to be.

- Harold Pachios, Founding Partner

Different by Design

When we opened our doors at Preti Flaherty, we were ten lawyers working across three small law offices. One was a group of litigators, another was doing corporate work, and the third focused on lobbying.

We came together because we wanted to build a different kind of law firm. As we looked around the legal landscape, we didn't see law being practiced the way we knew it was supposed to be. Instead of the stuffy traditions that lawyers were "supposed to" follow, we built the law firm that clients actually need.

It hasn’t been easy. It has taken a lot of work to build a new model. We've had to rebelliously reshape longstanding conventions and define a new way to serve clients. And the journey isn't over. There are new challenges every day. We're ready.