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Severin Beliveau: Repealing Obamacare would help rich at expense of poor

Kennebec Journal
February 22, 2017

Severin Beliveau, one of Preti Flaherty's founding partners, writes about the impact of an Obamacare repeal on lower-income Mainers. 

An Excerpt

I’ve served in the Maine Legislature, and I know how hard it is to create good law from scratch. Claims by Republicans that they will somehow fashion an adequate replacement to the ACA should be viewed with extreme skepticism. They still don’t have a replacement plan now, after voting scores of times over the past six years to repeal the ACA. Much more likely, if the ACA is repealed, hardworking families in Maine and across the country will simply lose their health insurance.

And I’ll get a big tax cut I don’t want. The price is too high.