The pilots who shuttle large ships in Maine’s busiest port want a big raise

Bangor Daily News

In May, the Portland Board of Harbor Commissioners approved a fee hike for piloting foreign ships into Portland Harbor, a measure required by state and federal law. Harold Pachios, the attorney for Canada-based ferry company, Bay Ferries, contends that the board failed in its role as a regulator when it approved the fee increase without reviewing the financials of the two pilots  licensed in Portland Harbor.

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“Clearly the ‘independent’ commission and the monopoly it regulates are cooperating to ensure the financials are hidden from the public,” Bay Ferries’ lawyer, Harold Pachios, a founding partner with Preti Flaherty, said.

Bay Ferries runs “The Cat” ferry through Portland harbor almost daily during the summer and said that the increased pilotage fee would cost it $96,000 more each year.