July 21, 2023

Greg Hansel Named One of Maine's Top 10 Most Influential General Commercial Litigation Lawyers by Business Today

Preti Flaherty attorney Greg Hansel has been named one of 2023's Top 10 Most Influential General Commercial Litigation Lawyers by Business Today. The ten attorneys selected are recognized for their undying commitment to the pursuit of justice and their ability to consistently deliver measurable results and uphold their client’s interest in crucial cases. The article notes:

These lawyers are extraordinarily skilled in their field, reflecting their years of trial experience, dedication, expertise, and their intense adaptability to varying scenarios. Distinguished in the legal industry for their exemplary work, they have mastered the art of navigating through intricate cases and achieving successful settlements. It doesn’t matter which branch of commercial litigation they specialize in; these professionals leave an indelible mark with their immense contributions.

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