2019 Cannabis Breakfast Series: The New Weed Workforce

November 19, 2019 at 8:00am10:00am
Preti Flaherty

One City Center, Penthouse
Portland, Maine

Session 3 - The New Weed Workforce: Workforce Management and Employment Compliance Issues

Members of Preti Flaherty's Cannabis Business Group are joined by guests active in the cannabis, hemp, and CBD industries for a three-part breakfast series to discuss what it takes to properly instigate, operate, and regulate a cannabis-related venture. These seminars present an important opportunity to share ideas, ask questions, express concerns, and gain perspective on one of the most talked-about business issues of our time.

Attorneys Matt LaMourie and Steve Langsdorf conclude our fall Cannabis Law Breakfast Series with a workshop examining the unique HR considerations facing cannabis-related businesses, including current background check procedures, best practices in hiring and workforce management, and workplace health and safety considerations.

Click Here for more information or to register.  The workshop is complimentary but advance registration is appreciated.