January 5, 2018

Town of Brunswick and Bay Bridge Estates Reach Agreement

As of today, the Town of Brunswick is pleased to report that an agreement has been reached with the owners of the Bay Bridge Estates. Efforts are underway by both parties to return and maintain the water supply at the mobile home. The agreement was reached after the Town sent a letter to Liberty Management Group urging action.

The owners of the mobile home park have committed to drilling a new well. Work is expected to begin on January 9th and be completed in no more than ten days. This new well will have ample capacity to deal with any high-usage scenarios in the near future. In the interim, to immediately address the crisis, the Town has arranged for water to be trucked from the Brunswick & Topsham Water District at the expense of the park’s owners. These deliveries will supplement any groundwater to keep the park’s twelve 5,000 gallon storage tanks full until the new well is online.  Throughout, residents will have full access to this water supply with no rationing or restrictions.

“The town has been working diligently to solve this problem, said Town Attorney Stephen Langsdorf. “We believe the combination of these short and long term actions will provide relief for residents and fully resolve the issue for the foreseeable future.”

For more information, please contact John Eldridge, Town Manager, or Stephen Langsdorf, Town Attorney.