Preti Flaherty’s attorneys have helped clients manage their trademark assets across industries and media. Our team understands the multi-faceted considerations that go into an entity’s management of its trademarks, service marks and trade dress. We assist clients in navigating the complexities of protecting and capitalizing on their “brand” and other unique assets wherever and however they may appear.

Our trademark attorneys work as strategic advisors to our clients, helping to keep specific trademark issues in their broader context. We take the time to fully understand the history and hopes that surround a particular asset as we develop a long-term legal strategy for our client’s greatest advantage. Our work as trademark counsel often includes portfolio reviews, formal opinions and strategic planning for asset management.

U.S. & International Registration
We regularly prepare, file and pursue trademark registrations of all kinds with the U.S. Patent & Trademark office and with trademark agencies world-wide. Our extensive experience before the USPTO gives our clients access to our unique perspectives on how to register a new mark or dress as efficiently and effectively as possible. Additionally, our international team has handled intellectual property protections in more than 50 countries around the globe.

We handle all aspects of the registration process and ensure that our clients’ assets are carefully protected across jurisdictions.

Enforcement, Opposition, Cancellation & Disputes
Our trademark services go far beyond the initial registration process and our most valuable work for clients often come long after an asset is fully protected. Our trademark attorneys work with our IP litigators to ensure that we maintain and defend key assets through a variety of procedures. We regularly work to enforce existing registrations, oppose attempted registrations of competing trademarks and seek cancelation of conflicting registrations.

Whatever the dispute, our IP group has the resources and experience to proactively defend our clients interests.

Licensing & Other Transactions
We help clients with all legal issues surrounding the commercial use of trademarks and other protected assets. Our team has extensive experience in all types of IP licensing agreements and has worked with a diverse array of clients to license intellectual properties in a variety of media. We know how to structure these agreements in a way that achieves client goals and advances an overall IP strategy.  We also assist clients with a variety of contracts and other agreements in support of their business activities.

We have worked with the full range of commercial issues associated with managing IP assets and stand ready to assist our clients with whatever projects may arise.

Domain Names
The protection of trademark and domain name assets online has become an increasingly active area of practice in the last decade. Our trademark attorneys have an extensive history of successful efforts to secure specific internet domains for our clients and challenging “squatters” and other inappropriate and deceptive practices by competitors.

As the need to protect trademarks online has grown, our team has met the challenge.