Skowhegan rejects Jay’s request to share lobbying costs

Portland Press Herald

Bruce Gerrity is mentioned in a Portland Press Herald article on the lobbying costs related to legislation on decreases in tax valuations of paper mills. The town of Jay has requested $2,500 from the towns of Skowhegan, Madison, and East Millinocket.


Jay Town Manager Shiloh LaFreniere said in an email to officials in Madison, Skowhegan and East Millinocket that Jay was looking at a “very significant invoice” for the lobbying that the town has done on two bills in the Legislature.

“Since this was essentially done on behalf of all of our communities, I need to ask if your boards would consider contributing to the costs,” LaFreniere wrote.

LaFreniere said even $2,500 from each of the other towns would help.

The Portland-based law firm Preti Flaherty provided the lobbying service. According to lobbyist records on file at the state, Jay has paid Bruce Gerrity, of Preti Flaherty, and his team $10,868 to date.