Coast project ignites debate, criticism of town process

The Forecaster
March 9, 2016

Steve Langsdorf, attorney for the Town of Brunswick, is quoted in this article regarding a dispute over clear cutting on Middle Bay shoreline. The clear cutting is part of a shore stabilization project on privately-owned land. Neighbors claim there was a lack of local oversight.

An Excerpt

By law, the town’s Shoreland Zoning Ordinance must be consistent with state environmental protections. Langsdorf found that a state table, titled 'Land Uses in the Shoreland Zone,' had never been included in the Brunswick ordinance.

The missing table requires any project that entails moving 10 or more cubic yards of soil to secure a permit from the Planning Board.

Nearly 80 times the maximum amount allowed will be removed from the King site, permitting documents show.

'If (that table) were included,' Langsdorf told councilors on Monday, the Kings’ project 'would have required planning department review.'