Brunswick issues ultimatum to owner of mobile home park over inadequate water supply

Portland Press Herald
January 3, 2018

Stephen Langsdorf, attorney for the town of Brunswick, sent a letter to the owners of a large mobile home park demanding they address ongoing water supply issues which have become a public health concern. He called the failure to provide adequate water to residents "both a breach of the covenant of habitability under Maine law and is a public health issue." As a result, the owners of the mobile home park will be drilling a third well to service residents. 

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An Excerpt

“This is an extremely serious situation that the Town refuses to take lightly. It is critically important that swift and aggressive action is taken to remedy the situation,” Langsdorf said in a statement. “We would prefer to work collaboratively with the Bay Bridge Estates but the Town is also willing to take action afforded to it under the law to ensure that this need – one of the most basic human necessities – is met. And with the weather forecast bearing down on us, there is little time to spare.”

Langsdorf’s letter said the town would step in and provide water if the park owners failed to do so, and would take legal action to recover the town’s costs.