Preti Flaherty’s IP Litigation team brings together extensive experience in intellectual property and litigation to implement sophisticated, cross-disciplinary strategies that achieve excellent results. Our IP litigators are skilled in all varieties of dispute resolution and have the added benefit of our broader IP group’s advanced technical knowledge. Several of our attorneys have also held in-house counsel roles at major corporations where they were tasked with the management and protection of IP assets, giving us an insider perspective that allows us to clearly understand and pursue our clients’ interests and goals in litigation. We regularly practice before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, Federal district courts, the Federal Circuit, the International Trade Commission, as well as foreign patent offices and courts. We counsel clients of all sizes and varieties on a wide range of matters including:

  • Patent disputes and litigation
  • Mediations, arbitrations and appeals
  • Trademark litigation
  • IP general counsel services
  • Brand, logo and slogan protection
  • Advertising issues
  • Web domain rights enforcement
  • Product name disputes
  • Protection of trade secrets
  • Proprietary information protection policies

A globally accomplished practice

Preti Flaherty’s IP Litigation team is highly regarded for the skill and experience we employ in protecting our clients’ valuable intellectual property assets. Whether in federal jurisdictions or international courts, we excel at unwinding complicated matters and in fully anticipating and responding to the ever-changing IP landscape. We understand the critical role that a company’s brand, identity and assets play in its success and we work aggressively to resolve disputes and protect and advance our clients’ interests. Our litigation efforts are always closely aligned with our clients’ overall portfolio management strategies, which we often help them craft as IP general counsel.