January 3, 2018

Town of Brunswick Demands Action by Bay Bridge Estates

In response to the ongoing water supply issues at the Bay Bridge Estates, the Town of Brunswick today sent a letter to Liberty Management Group urging action. The letter, attached here in its entirety, was sent by Town Attorney and Preti Flaherty partner, Stephen Langsdorf, and addresses the mobile home park’s current inability to provide full and adequate water supply to tenants.

The Town has requested that a comprehensive long and short term plan be developed within the next 24 hours that outlines concrete plans to return and maintain the water supply. Should the mobile home park be unwilling or unable to fulfill this request within the timeframe, the letter outlines the specific actions that the Town is preparing to take in order to address the crisis.

“This is an extremely serious situation that the Town refuses to take lightly. It is critically important that swift and aggressive action is taken to remedy the situation,” said Langsdorf. “We would prefer to work collaboratively with the Bay Bridge Estates but the Town is also willing to take action afforded to it under the law to ensure that this need– one of the most basic human necessities – is met. And with the weather forecast bearing down on us, there is little time to spare.”

For more information, please contact John Eldridge, Town Manager, or Stephen Langsdorf, Town Attorney.