Attorney Charles Dingman to Speak at Daniel Hanley Center for Health Leadership Gathering

Attorney Charles Dingman of Preti Flaherty will participate in a special gathering of Maine's first five Health Leadership Development (HLD) Program classes on March 16, 2012 in Augusta, Maine.

Hosted by the Daniel Hanley Center for Health Leaders, the event, "Health Reform At Center Court…What Will The Supreme Court's ACA Decision Mean For Maine?" consists of panelists who will discuss:

  • Hear directly from nationally-known health policy expert Amitabh Chandra, PhD from Harvard's Kennedy School about the Supreme Court's upcoming review of the federal Accountable Care Act (ACA). How will the decision affect the nation's health sector and what could it all mean for patients and consumers?
  • Learn why Maine's Attorney General has joined Attorneys General from many other states in support of efforts to overturn the ACA—and why others take an opposing view
  • Hear how key healthcare leaders—and HLD alumni—are preparing for an uncertain future in view of this serious challenge to the ACA's constitutionality
  • Network and participate in interactive small group dialogs with HLD alums from across Maine

To learn more about the event, visit the Daniel Hanley Center for Health Leadership website.