Representative Matters


Laura’s environmental practice includes toxic torts litigation, CERCLA litigation, environmental damage and remediation claims, state environmental enforcement defense, litigation involving emerging contaminants, and citizen suit defense.  She has represented clients both locally and nationally in the environmental arena and has worked on the following representative cases:

  • Represented client in defense of RCRA citizen suit for injunctive relief associated with contamination of sediments in one of New England’s largest river systems and estuary.  This multi-phase litigation involved a month-long trial in federal district court in Maine, and testimony from twenty-two witnesses in various technical disciplines related to contaminated sediment such as fate and transport, stable isotope analysis, geochemistry of marsh areas, and remediation engineering. 
  • Represented client in CERCLA and toxic tort litigation involving the emerging contaminant PFAS and extensive groundwater contamination.
  • Oversaw and advised client regarding portfolio of contaminated sites across the country and participated in cooperating parties group allocation negotiations in connection with state-ordered remediation.
  • Represented client in toxic tort litigation involving copper exposure in drinking water and obtained favorable pre-trial settlement.
  • Advised client during implementation of state-ordered remediation plan and successfully petitioned state for a “contained-out” determination pursuant to EPA guidance.
  • Obtained favorable pre-suit resolution of case involving toxic tort claims associated with a home heating oil spill.
  • Provide yearly comprehensive summary to Maine client regarding statutory and regulatory environmental requirements applicable to their business operations.

Land Use and Permitting

  • Represented client in defense of town administrative action involving violations of shoreland zoning requirements.  This involved advising the client regarding the town’s administrative process and negotiating a consent agreement with town officials to obtain favorable resolution of the outstanding violations.
  • Represents clients before town administrative bodies in support of and in opposition to various permit applications or projects.
  • Represents clients before Maine’s Land Use and Planning Commission, including drafting permit application packages and retaining and interfacing with consultants.  This has involved interpreting Commission rules and regulations and crafting successful legal arguments to advance the client’s objectives in the face of NIMBY opposition.
  • Represent clients before town administrative bodies to obtain subdivision approval.


  • Represented clients in achieving successful resolution of anti-terrorism case against large producer of bananas brought by family members of citizens kidnapped and killed by guerrillas in Colombia.  Lead role in facilitating production of discovery and preparing fact and expert witnesses for depositions and trial as well as taking and defending depositions.
  • Represented client in commercial dispute with contractor in case involving remediation in accordance a Nuclear Regulatory Commission-approved decommissioning plan in order to achieve license termination.  Negligence claims against the contractor involved escalating change orders and failure to complete the work within the projected timeline and budget and in accordance with the appropriate degree of skill.
  • Represents clients in connection with premise liability and other personal injury claims, including successful representation of those claims at trial, or obtaining pre-trial resolution through mediation if appropriate.
  • Represents clients in disputes arising out of property transactions.


Laura's employment practice is focused on advising employers and HR professionals regarding management of their work force.  In the face of allegations of misconduct, she has conducted internal investigations and made recommendations regarding discipline, training, or other remedial measures (if warranted).  She also represents clients in connection with Maine Human Rights Commission proceedings and in civil litigation in both state and federal court.  She is skilled at preparing cases for trial, representing clients at mediation, and negotiation settlement agreements (when appropriate). 

Laura understands the sensitive nature of workplace disputes and employs a thoughtful and pragmatic approach to assist clients in developing effective dispute avoidance and resolution strategies.