February 13, 2013

2013 Policy Outlook – Energy Issues in the President's State of the Union Address

Energy Alert

President Obama delivered his State of the Union Address before a joint session of the United States Congress on Tuesday evening. The president laid out his priorities for 2013 and proposed a series of initiatives that would have major impacts on the energy sector and, as a result, on all businesses if implemented.

Preti Flaherty energy attorney Todd Griset has collected and contextualized the energy policy highlights from the speech in a short article, which can be found at:

The article is a quick read, but provides critical intelligence on what to look for from the Administration in 2013, including the following:

The 2013 State of the Union address suggests continued growth in U.S. sectors such as energy efficiency, alternative transportation fuels, renewable energy, and infrastructure development and maintenance. Carbon emissions may also be examined, with a national market-based carbon cap and trade program possible such as now exists in California and the northeastern Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative member states. How Congress and the public react to these remarks remains to be seen, as does how and to what extent President Obama's proposed policy shifts are implemented.

The energy sector impacts businesses throughout the economy, presenting both challenges and opportunities. The State of the Union's energy sections offer some helpful clues as to what the major policy and regulatory themes will be in the coming year.

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