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Report: Gas Market Dynamics Cost New England Electricity Customers $3 Billion

Rhode Island Public Radio
November 8, 2017

Anthony Buxton discusses a report by the Environmental Defense Fund that says New England electricity consumers paid billions of dollars more than they should have over a period of three years.

An Excerpt

Several industry observers said they are perplexed by the report. Tony Buxton is a lobbyist for paper mills and other large industrial energy users in Maine, and he has worked to add gas pipeline infrastructure serving this region, including the now-shelved Kinder-Morgan project. Buxton says the report's accuracy needs to be established. But he said it raises legitimate questions about the transparency and effectiveness of gas and electricity market operations.

"If it is correct that otherwise lawful behavior in New England has increased the cost of gas to consumers and thereby the price of electricity, then we need to be certain that's the case, and to fight hard to fix it," Buxton said.