Preti Flaherty’s copyright team assists clients with all legal aspects of the protection and management of creative works. We have decades of experience helping entities of all sizes develop and implement institution-wide strategies for copyright materials and in securing our clients’ rights to critical IP assets. As part of our broader Intellectual Property Group, the copyright team brings an individualized approach to each matter to secure the best results.

We take pride in the comprehensive approach we take in all of our intellectual property practice areas, including copyright. Beyond individual matters, we develop long-term relationships with our clients to serve as advisors on management strategies and internal policies. In copyright, we regularly help to develop employment policies that protect creative developments at every step in the process and keep our clients up-to-date with developing trends in the field.

Our attorneys have successfully registered thousands of copyrights nationally with the Copyright Office, and globally with foreign agencies. In addition to efficiently securing new registrations, our team also attentively maintains our clients’ registrations, including depositing, assignment and transfer as needed. We take pride in managing client copyrights with an eye to the evolving landscape, including major changes like the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Unlike many other IP practices, we don’t churn through applications – we give every new creation the specific attention it deserves.

Copyright enforcement has become one of the most fast-changing and challenging fields of law. As technology advances and the economy becomes increasingly global, creators are facing new threats to their rights to their protected works. In concert with our talented IP litigators, our copyright attorneys regularly act across jurisdictions to protect our clients’ assets, whether by negotiation, litigation or other dispute resolution options.

We see ourselves as a partner in not only securing initial copyrights, but in protecting them from ongoing threats.

Analysis & Studies
As part of our role as strategic counselors, we often provide clients with in-depth analysis and extensive validity studies as they consider particular acquisitions, licensing initiatives or new registrations. Our team’s highly-regarded experience in this area allows us to know what information our clients need, assemble it efficiently and present it understandably. Critical intelligence is essential for any new venture, and we know how to deliver it for our clients.

Licensing & Commercial Considerations
Our copyright attorneys work closely with our firm’s extensive Business Law practice to help clients with a wide variety of transactions related to their intellectual property. Whether it be a licensing agreement, an acquisition or a dispute settlement, our team can handle every step of the legal process, including any necessary filings with the Copyright Office. We put together the ideal team from across our firm’s practice areas to ensure that each transaction is timely, thorough and achieves client goals.