As part of a series for Radio Entrepreneurs, Walter cohosts recurring "In the Weeds" episodes, which address relevant issues in the cannabis and related industries.

Renewable Energy Requirements and Marijuana Businesses

  • Walter discusses regulations imposing minimum amounts of renewable and alternative energy used in the operation of a marijuana-related business with principal of the Climate Resources Group Sam Milton. Listen to the interview here.

Educating the Public on Medical Marijuana Usage

  • Walter talks with Mike Fitzgerald (co-founder/president) and Melissa Fitzgerald (co-founder/director) of the New England Grass Roots Institute on their mission to educate businesses, employees, insurers, and governmental agencies on the evolving role of medical marijuana in society. Listen to the interview here.

The Medical Marijuana Business: A Startup Perspective

  • Walter interviews Michael Dundas, CEO of Sira Naturals, Inc., on the current state of the marijuana industry and what new marijuana businesses need to know before opening their doors. Listen to the interview here

Sensible Marijuana Legislation

  • Walter is joined by Peter Bernard (president/director) and Tara Hopper (director) of the Massachusetts Grower Advocacy Council to discuss reasonable standards for regulating the marijuana industry. Listen to the interview here.

Marijuana Industry Roundup - Winter 2018

  • Walter speaks with individuals from various aspects of the cannabis industry. Chris Walsh, Vice President, Editorial & Strategic Development, at Marijuana Business Daily discusses starting the first trade publication to focus exclusively on the business of cannabis. Peter Belsito of Spane Labs offers insight into the testing and labeling of cannabis products. Med Men's Daniel Yi talks about his experience with raising private equity financing and operating and licensing cannabis facilities. Nicole Snow of Massachusetts Patients Advocacy Alliance provides an update on efforts to implement sound medical marijuana programs in the wake of the successful ballot initiative in Massachusetts.
    Listen to the interviews here.

State of the Cannabis Industry

  • Walter provides an update on the state of the cannabis industry in Massachusetts. He discusses legislative changes, production facilities, and what it will take to meet increased consumer demand. Listen to the interview here.

Marijuana Entrepreneurship and Local Hurdles

  • Walter and his guest, David Torrisi of Commonwealth Dispensary Association, discuss some of the challenges that medical marijuana establishments in Massachusetts face at the local government level. Listen to the interview here.

Designing the Marijuana Retail Experience

  • Walter talks with Rick Granoff of Smokin Interiors on the design and manufacture of marijuana retail spaces and how presenting an upscale aesthetic aids in the success and growth of marijuana sales outlets. Listen to the interview here.

The Biggest Issues for Entering the Marijuana Business

  • Walter profiles the challenges of starting a marijuana-related business with guest Kris Kane, president of 4 Front Ventures. Topics they cover include expenses, scalability, interstate shipping, nontraditional lending, and unique tax burdens. Listen to the interview here.

Marijuana Industry Roundup - Summer 2018

  • Walter speaks with individuals from various aspects of the cannabis industry. Former Boston city councilor and mayoral candidate, Tito Jackson, CEO of Verdant Medical, discusses running a medical cannabis startup, specializing in palliative care, and expanding into the recreational marijuana market. Sira Naturals, Inc., CEO, Michael Dundas, returns to explain how Sira became the first licensed marijuana cultivation facility in Massachusetts and the trial and error involved in that process. James McMahon of McMahon Strategic Development, talks about helping clients navigate the barriers to establishing a business in the cannabis industry, including zoning issues, minimum capitalization requirements, and vertical integration requirements. Listen to the interviews and view video clips here.

Marketing Your Marijuana Business

  • Walter is joined by CL Tian of the digital marketing firm PINKOA to discuss how to market and promote a business online when your product is excluded from advertising on social media platforms. Listen to the interview here.

Packaging and Branding Marijuana Products

  • Walter interviews Michael Markarian of Contempo Specialty Packaging about bringing modern packaging and branding concepts to the marijuana industry and the unique compliance issues associated with cannabis products. Listen to the interview here.

Strategic Business Planning and Managing Expectations for Future Growth

  • Walter and CultivateMass president Sam Barber discuss how to approach setting up a new marijuana business, expectations of expansion, and the experience of moving from a medicinal provider focus to a recreational dispensary operation. Listen to the interview here.

Accounting Practices and the Bottom Line

  • Walter talks to Kevin Michaelan of Cohn Reznick, one of the largest accounting firms serving cannabis businesses in the United States and Canada, on what marijuana-related businesses can learn from other industries and how those financial models can be adapted to address the restrictions and requirements of cannabis regulations. Listen to the interview here.

Marijuana Industry Roundup - Fall 2018

  • Walter speaks with individuals from various aspects of the cannabis industry. First, Michael Dundas returns to address the potential acquisition of his company, Sira Naturals, a leading provider of medical cannabis products in Massachusetts. Next, Kevin Hart discusses how Green Check Verified creates innovation that will allow chartered banks to accept accounts from members of the marijuana industry. In the third interview, Jacques Santucci of Strimo offers his perspective on the industry, having assisted companies throughout the country to establish themselves and maintain regulatory compliance in the marijuana business. Lastly, mortgage broker John Castore of Wapinshaw Capital Group explains the various commercial loans available to businesses working within the marijuana field. Listen to these interviews and past guests here.