Preti Flaherty's Sports & Entertainment Law Practice Group understands the challenges and legal needs facing professionals in the sports, entertainment, and recreational arena. We provide 360° representation—ranging from business formation and protection of intellectual property rights to contract negotiation, litigation, and estate planning—to a broad range of clients, including:

  • Sports and Recreation Industry Clients: Our Sports Law attorneys support athletes at the professional, amateur, collegiate, and high school levels, as well as retired professional athletes and coaches. We also represent professional sports franchises, sports marketing companies, and sports agents, along with ski resort and ski industry clients, and individuals and companies providing products and services in the industry.
  • Entertainment Industry Clients: Our Entertainment Law attorneys support clients ranging from musicians, actors, comedians, models, and entertainers, to singers, songwriters, authors, artists, and filmmakers. We also represent record studios and labels, publishers, broadcasters, national media, media trade associations, and other industry clients.

Our Experience
Some Preti Flaherty attorneys have enjoyed former careers as professional athletes while others were involved in collegiate sports before launching their legal careers. Others bring former careers or involvement in sports broadcasting, coaching, competition, and entertainment to their legal careers. We combine our skills and talents with the unique ability to understand the demands facing sports and entertainment professionals, allowing us to fully support clients' legal and business interests. Through our firm's affiliation with TerraLex® and other networks, we are able to provide full-service representation for clients while ensuring that their needs are met in jurisdictions throughout the country and the world.

Our Services
We recognize that sports and entertainment professionals require a full range of professional services and counseling. Our services include:

Intellectual Property:

  • Celebrity endorsement agreements, licensing deals, and protection of publicity rights, privacy rights, and First Amendment rights
  • Branding, merchandising, and licensing
  • Protection and enforcement of copyright, trademark, trade secret, and other intellectual property rights through registration, assignments, licensing, and litigation
  • Internet, interactive media, and new technologies
  • Domain name disputes
  • Royalty agreements


  • Olympic Anti-Doping and NCAA eligibility arbitration
  • Representing sports and entertainment clients in litigation and arbitration matters to protect and enforce publicity rights, privacy rights, intellectual property rights, and contractual rights arising under performance agreements, endorsement agreements, royalty agreements, and other agreements
  • White collar criminal defense
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution, including arbitration, mediation, judicial settlement conferences, and other forms of ADR

Business Law:

  • Limited liability entity formation for new business ventures, including for profit and non-profit entities
  • Advising athletes, entertainers, celebrities, and companies in connection with business ventures and contract negotiations
  • Advising and assisting current and retired professional athletes, entertainers, celebrities, and other players in the entertainment and sports arena with business ventures ranging from forming start-up companies to acquisition of existing businesses to franchising successful businesses
  • Contract drafting and negotiation of deals ranging from music, reality television, motion pictures, cable, radio, internet, interactive media, and new technologies, theatre and performing arts, visual arts, and literacy publishing
  • Multi-jurisdictional transactions

Tax Law:

  • Income tax issues, including nonresident tax issues
  • Income tax issues related to multiple jurisdictions or foreign markets
  • Signing bonuses and related negotiations
  • Tax implications related to charitable donations

Other Areas: