2014 Midterm Election — Governor LePage Reelected and Changes Coming to the Legislature

Legislative Alert

Election Day 2014 has come and gone. The citizens of Maine reelected the Chief Executive, Governor Paul LePage. Although many races remain undeclared, our sources indicate that the House will remain Democratic, but the Senate has flipped Republican. Below is an overview of the 127th Maine Legislature.

The controversial gubernatorial election has ended with the reelection of Governor Paul LePage with over 48% of the vote. Congressman Michael Michaud received over 43% of the vote. Independent candidate Eliot Cutler was a distant third receiving 8% of the vote. There will not be a significant change to the Governor's staff or Cabinet.

The Maine House of Representatives
On the legislative side, the 151-seat House has remained Democratic. The Democrats held 89 seats last session and appear to have maintained at least 76 seats. There remain four unenrolled legislators who will caucus with the Democrats, bringing the likely total Democratic majority to 80. The Republicans held 58 seats last session and appeared to have increased their margin to 70 seats. There are still a number of undeclared races, but our sources tell us that this will not alter the majority.

The Maine State Senate
The Republicans have gained control of the Maine Senate. The Democrats held 19 seats last session and have lost 3 or 4 seats. The Republicans held 15 seats last session and now hold 19 or 20 seats. The one independent member last session did not run for reelection. There are several undecided races, but not enough to affect control.

There will be significant changes in committee leadership as a result of Republican control of the Senate. The House Chairs of the Agriculture, Education, Insurance and Financial Services, Judiciary, State and Local Government, and Transportation Committees will also significantly change as many of these Chairs either lost or retired.

Constitutional Officers
The Constitutional Officers are elected by the Legislature. Since the Democrats appear to hold a majority of the Legislature, the Treasurer, the Secretary of State, Attorney General, and Auditor will likely remain the same.