Preti Green

Preti Flaherty is committed to doing its part to reduce the firm's impact on the environment. We believe it's our duty to help meet the challenge of climate change, starting with simple fixes like duplexing our copies, and extending to larger efforts like developing a Climate Strategy Practice Group.

The firm also has developed an in-house sustainability program ("PretiGreen") that includes an enthusiastic and creative committee – a mix of attorneys and administrative staff – that researches, develops, monitors and communicates opportunities for improving our sustainable business practices. For example, in just one year, our efforts to update technology and switch to 50% recycled paper reduced our carbon footprint significantly. We saved 6.4 million BTU's of energy, 843 pounds of CO2, 3500 gallons of waste water, 1600 pounds of wood and 450 pounds of solid waste just by changing our copy paper!

Everything from recycling batteries to weekly internal e-mails with green tips demonstrates our commitment to sustainability, both for our own business and for our clients.