FERC to explore centralized trading platform for natural gas

Natural Gas Intelligence

Preti Flaherty partner Don Sipe and his proposal for natural gas markets was recently featured in the trade publication Natural Gas Intelligence.

An Excerpt:

At a FERC technical conference held a few days later, Donald Sipe, an attorney with the law firm Preti Flaherty, who was added to the speakers list by Moeller, recommended that FERC "investigate and possibly order the implementation of an information trading platform for natural gas that looks somewhat like the RTO [regional transmission organization] trading platforms that you have for electricity, in the sense that you would have an operability region, you would take bids and offers for sale of capacity and commodity both, [and] you would have, if not a clearing mechanism, at least a central confirmation mechanism that would manage offers on a short-term basis. You would do this across utility footprints"