Our First Light™ program is rooted in the Preti Flaherty Energy team’s experience in protecting consumers’ rights to distributed or “behind the meter” generation, to create a special focus on the commercialization of solar power by and for all consumers. Our lawyers bring national experience in energy and environmental policy, electric grid interconnection, energy project siting and approvals, electric rate and tariff negotiation and litigation, and energy project finance, as well as maximizing the value of environmental attributes, like renewable energy certificates, and renewable energy tax incentives or credits.

This strategic initiative will help new entrants, as well as larger, existing companies, navigate these challenges to harness the power of the sun, while protecting the benefits of doing so through intellectual property and commercial agreements. We will also help site owners navigate the process from the project host’s perspective, through site leasing and power purchase agreements or other arrangements.

We go beyond the traditional legal realm to support renewable energy ventures:

  • Business Formation and Consulting – Assisting with business formation and developing solid business plans to help renewable energy clients achieve their growth objectives.
  • Permitting and Regulatory Issues – Representation throughout the local, state, and federal permitting processes.
  • Power Purchase Agreements – Negotiating and securing commitments.
  • Renewable Energy Project Finance – Working with traditional lenders and VC funds plus assistance with securing federal grant funding for energy efficiency projects.
  • Real Estate and Lease Agreements – Negotiating and drafting documentation to allow project developers and landowners to find mutual benefit through project development.
  • Energy Policy Analysis – Shaping regional and federal energy policy related to renewable resources, energy efficiency, and demand response.
  • Project Acquisition, Operation and Sale – Advising, developing strategies for and implementing due diligence, acquisition, operation and sale of renewable energy facilities.