Workplace Privacy in the Digital Age


Kevin Haskins, a member of Preti Flaherty's Employment Law and Data Security & Privacy Groups, addresses what employers need to know about the limits of employee privacy and employer rights in the digital age in an article recently published by the New Hampshire Motor Transport Association in their 2014 Annual Directory:

The blended use of technology for both professional and personal communication has had a significant impact on workplace privacy. Gone are the days when all an employer knew about an employee was what could be observed during the workweek and at the annual holiday party. Now, through technology, employers can monitor employees inside the workplace and out, and can delve into employees' backgrounds, internet usage, and email habits, among other things. Yet, notwithstanding these technological changes, employees continue to assume that they have some degree of privacy in their electronic communications.

This article explores several areas where workplace privacy in electronic communications is evolving with technology. These areas include: (1) monitoring employee internet usage, particularly social media; (2) monitoring employee email and similar electronic communications; and (3) developing and enforcing workplace technology policies.

The full article is available as a PDF by clicking the following link: Workplace Privacy in the Digital Age.